Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know how much wallpaper to buy?

Measure the width of your walls and the height of your ceiling. Note windows, doors, closets and other areas that will not be covered by the paper. Bring your measurements with you and let our experienced staff calculate your wallpaper needs.

Can you hang wallpaper over paneling? Painted walls? New drywall?

We carry a complete assortment of pastes and preparations designed to make every application as trouble-free as possible.

What is the best window treatment to use in a bathroom?

Our staff will discuss the ventilation system you have and the location of the window and help you select an appropriate window covering.

My skylight is too high to reach. Can I have a covering that can be opened and closed?

Many window treatments are available with motorization, including remote controls for trouble-free operation.

I want to hang my wallpaper myself. Any suggestions?

Our sales associates will give you personal instruction, based on your particular needs. In addition, we have videos that you can borrow and brochures to assist you in this process. We also lend all the tools you will need.

What if I don’t want to hang my wallpaper myself?

We have a list of licensed and bonded, independent contractors who will provide prompt, courteous and professional installation of your wall coverings.

Do I have to remove old wallpaper before hanging new?

We always recommend that old wallpaper be removed. We carry products designed to make this process simple and stress-free. If you elect to leave the old wallpaper in place, we will also make recommendations on the products necessary to assure an appropriate bond between the old and the new.

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